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 Main Features of Income Tax rates of FY 2014-15

 Main Features of Income Tax rates of FY 2012-13 (Part -1)

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PAN (Permanent Account Number)

What is PAN?

PAN is acronym of Permanent Account Number. A person who is filing Income Tax return must have this number. Without having a PAN Number you cannot file Income Tax Return. A PAN Number is unique identifier for any person. No one can have more than one PAN Card. Pan number is allotted by Income Tax Department on a request.

Since PAN card is issued by Govt. Authority, therefore PAN card can be used as Identity Proof. IF due to any reasons you have more than one PAN Number allotted to you, then it is better to surrender on PAN card to Income Tax Department.

You can verify the PAN card number online. Click Here to Know your PAN

Simply put your full name (including first name, middle name & last name) and your date of birth and check your PAN card number.

PAN Number is issued to an Individual, HUF or company. It is not mandatory that If you hold a PAN number then you should file Income Tax Return.

Track your PAN/TAN Application Status

You can trach the status of your PAN/TAN Application Status. Just Click Here to Know the Status of PAN/TAN Application Status

Applicant should search for the status of PAN application using Name and Date Of Birth 24 hours after the application has been submitted online or through TIN-FC.
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@ All the Income tax slabs details are collected from different information sources. There may be some difference in actual Tax calculation.



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